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Clear & Simple Process

Our process of custom website design is made for better efficiency and flexibility
with the goal of delivering a consistent quality at the best price.

  • Client interview
  • Project brief
  • Initial tech specs
  • Projet timeline
  • Initial project maintenance planning
target1st partial payement 30%
  • Content/Functionality outline
  • Site diagram
  • Page description diagram
  • Wireframes
  • Draft visual designs
  • Feedback
  • Refine design
  • Select design
target2nd partial payement 30%
  • Build and integrate site
  • Quality assurance testing
  • Issues prioritisation
  • Confirm/refine tech specs
  • Refine site
targetFinal payment
  • Production style guide
  • Launch site
  • Implement maintenance plan

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Live from the blog

identite visuelle

Visual Identity: what is it, and what is it for?

The visual identity is your graphic identity card; after making your logo, it’s the next aspect to elaborate. What is it for?  The visual identity represents your business, your image, with the help of a graphic communication media. Your...


Training planned in Rabat

Hello everyone! Here are some planned courses that will be offered in the new space in Rabat. As this room is graciously rented to us by MarocCoaching, a coaching company using NLP (Neuro-Linguistic programming) based in Morocco, the trainings offered during...


Photos of the training facility in Rabat

Hello everyone! Here are some pictures of the new training facility in Rabat. A list of courses offered will be posted soon. Thank you!